Learn Python the Hard Way – Appendix – Logbook

Learn python should be a goal of high priority this semester because whatever path I am taking, I will likely be working in a techy role and thus have to code. I am starting this project to learn basic python by using a seemly well-reputed textbook Learn Python the Hard Way.

Jan 25 – Feb 6. Downtime at night after 8pm. — Learn to use command line.

Tools :

Learn Python the Hard Way  LPTHW 3rd Text book I am using (with a link to the book on this website).

Quizlet  Used when reviewing for GRE and sociology exams. Now use to memorize the lines. Also has a handy iPhone app.

I am using Max OSX.

pwd = print working directory. Figuring out where you are. On my Mac it’s /Users/yuqiongli

cd ~ = come back to main directory.

Before do any exercise always pwd + cd ~ to go home first. (why?)

mkdir  = make directories.

  • Doesn’s seem to work if cross level. For example, if has temp, mkdir temp/stuff  — this one works. But mkdir temp/stuff/joe/alex does not work. You have to create joe first. Cannot create joe and alex at the same time.
  • When want a space in folder name, use quotation marks. mkdir temp/”I have fun”


Feb 2

  • Installed  SyntaxHighlighter wordpress plugin to insert codes into my posts. Usage here. Note this version have to write code in text editor instead of visual editor.
  • But using SyntaxHighlighter is not pretty. Instead someone mentions this should also work
    • surround a text with <code></code> or writing it in `..`

\\This is an example

When use mkdir, note the following differences

$ mkdir temp
$ mkdir -p temp/stuff/things

The second command uses a “-p” because it creates a series of folders instead of one!

Feb 3

When at home my productivity goes straight down! A trick learnt today is using “..” in the “cd” command to move up a level of folders. Example code –
$ cd ..
$ cd ../..

Getting familiar with cd seems to take a lot of practice. It requires me to memorize the paths and exactly where my files are.

A tricky command that seems to list out all files in a hierarchy of folders instead of the one at the direct level?

$ ls -lR

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