Welcome to my blog. I recently graduated from New York University with an MS in Data Science. Before coming to the US, I spent five years in Hong Kong, a city I have much fondness of. And before that, I was born and raised in Wuhan, China. I have also spent a few months in Evanston and Madison.

I am interested in robotics and literature, or in general, things that are either smart or beautiful. When I was younger, I had the aspiration of becoming a public intellectual. Now that ambition is largely gone, so I am left to spend my days either in denial or in shame. In a past life, I was a graduate student in sociology, working on social movements and cultural sociology.

My favoriate piece of literature is The Great Gatsby. Interesting fact: Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of the author, once jumped into the fountain at Union Square in New York City. Since the Center for Data Science also locates near Union Square, I pass that fountain everyday on my way to school.

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