Weekly log: May 23 – May 29

I spent the last week remarkably by almost doing  nothing but coddling. It is kind of unfair to say this, but I am now too motivated to examine exactly how I failed so hard (again) on time management. Plus I am thinking about going through my painstakingly recorded paper version weekly logs sometime this week. That collection has all my printed weekly calendars with daily notes on them, since January this year. Hopeful by analysing past data I can draw a honest picture of how I actually spend my time, and how to improve my sense of control on life.

May 23 – May 24 Mon-Tue

I stayed at school till pretty late these two days, 10-ish pm or so. Another remarkable achievement is I managed to exercise two days in a row in the gym! My usual gym routine takes about 1.5 hours including travel time from my office on the 8/f to the gym on the 3/f (!) and shower time. Yesterday I did whole body workout (aiming to build muscles), and today’s were cardio exercises plus stretching. My leg muscles hurt now.

Grading assignments were the dominant tasks I did for these two days. Together with a 1.5 hour meeting with Paul and Leona (the teaching team), I spent 8 + 6.5 = 14.5 hours grading 37 six-hundred-words essays and eight presentation scripts; organize/print the comment sheet; and email students. However I did spent a couple more hours preparing for the assignment (download them from Moodle, print them, check late submission, etc.). Thus, total grading time should be 18 hours or so.

I found a trick for fair grading is to 1) first rank the essays and 2) determine the range of grades assigned (eg. 60-70) and 3) mark the essay according to their rank. The reason is that it is easier to determine relative performance, than to compare the hard-to-quantify performance to an absolute standard. I actually spent much time adjusting my grades by comparing essays to each other when I did the gradings last time, if I assigned a grade compared to absolute grading rubrics.

Writing emails to students is an enjoyable job, mainly because I know there is an audience and I have authority on them. However, to spend 0.5 hours phrasing the email might be a little bit excessive?

Talk with a friend about Occupy Central reminds me of forgotten themes in my interviews, about the discrepancy between romanticism and reality, and 1) how this influence people’s perception on political moments and 2) how this influence my job choice.

My optimal job choice keeps changing in my mind. After talking to a friend I found my pattern to change to an seemly easier route to power and fame whenever I found an obstacle. For one thing, I need to think about the characters reflected in these almost habitual behaviours, and change them if necessary. No job is easy. For another, this makes me think what I truly values in life. For example, do I really love the nature of my work (reading, writing, interviewing, teaching, doing transcript, etc.), or do I only love the things I think can be brought by this job? I am afraid the answer might be the latter, although this one is less flattering.

A point in choosing romantic partner I’ve read somewhere is – do not expect your partner to have everything, but think about what you truly wants from her/him (kinda like the job choice ha). For this, I also have the habits of 1) getting tired after sometime and dumping them; 2) but after being single for a while I desperately want a partner. So, probably I value companion and stability more than excitement and sense of achievement? I can discuss my thesis my teacher, talk about life with peers, but there will only be a handful of people who love me unconditionally and treat me well. I should cherish them and do not let go easily.

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