On structure, deadline, and productivity

So, after a hedonistic Saturday comes a productive Sunday.


  1. I installed 3 block extensions on Chrom and Firefox respectively, and blocked the four distracting websites I mentioned yesterday multiple times. I also add their host to my .host file.
  2. Today we decide to aim for a deadline on May 1st. So the schedule becomes really really tight! I might have to sleep in school today.
  3. Because of the tight schedule, the professor and other teammates work close with me. Everything depends on my experiment results.
  4. I become conscious about my bad habit of wasting time online, and am actually determined to change this habit.
  5. I also signed up for boss-as-a-service last night, and wrote down my to-do list and sent to that team. But this is probably less useful, because I never thought about this service today.


  1. I work much better in a good team.
  2. I work much better when there is a clear and urgent deadline.
  3. I work much better when there is clear instructions and to-dos.
  4. The boss-as-a-service and beeminder tool probably still won’t work, because they don’t really care and deep down I know it. It’s still me fighting my laziness alone.

Sadly, after high school I don’t really have a good team, a clear and urgent deadline, and clear-instructions. Real life is more unstructured, and the responsibility of make it depends entirely on the individual. As analyzed yesterday, I have spent much time trying to change my personality and overcome the tendency to become lazy, but this is not as effective as finding the correct tools for self-regulation. I now accept the fact that I can’t work alone, at least in my professional lives related to robotics. As a strategy, I’ll put top priority on seeking cultivating environments for my professional development, instead of trying to overcome ingrained habits.

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