Literature Review: delete part of your writing might be the solution

I got stuck writing the second half of my literature review in the past few days. This post describes a solution to it.

My initial literature review has something on

  • 1) belief structure — in cultural sociology and cognitive sociology
  • 2) attitude change  — in social psychology
  • 3) political socialization — in political psychology

For a while, I was stuck and did not know why I was stuck. I tried to write on agents of political socialization (family, peers, school, reference group…).

But then I found some literature on undergraduate political socialization, and that leads me to another rather broad field. I then became idle.

As with programming, when you find yourself thinking instead of writing, something is wrong.

After talking to a PhD student, I realized my problem was I was trying to say too many things.

“Belief” / “opinion” / “attitude” / “understandings” are not merely words in social science. They are concepts. So, for each of them, the literature is vast.

I cannot possibly write about both belief and attitude in my literature review, because that would be too much. More, they are not the same thing so they do not hold together.

After deleting all writings about belief structure and cognitive sociology, the literature review becomes much clearer.

A broad lesson is it takes practice to recognize the scope of literature, the theories and what is useful. A good idea is a clear idea.


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