Python *args and **kwargs

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This post deals with Python *args and **kwargs. Here args and kwargs are just naming conventions, the grammar is actually * and ** .


Define variable length of parameters for a function. In plain English, the number and type of parameters are not known beforehand.


def test_var_args(f_arg, *argv):
print("first normal arg: ", f_arg)
for arg in argv:
print("another arg through *argv :", arg)

test_var_args('Yasoob', 'python', 'eggs', 'test')

The output is

first normal arg: Yasoob
another arg through *argv : python
another arg through *argv : eggs
another arg through *argv : test


Similar to *args in that it enables variable length inputs. But different in that the inputs can be named.


def table_things(**kwargs):
for name, value in kwargs.items():
print( '{0} = {1}'.format(name, value))

table_things(apple = 'fruit', cabbage = 'vegetable')

The output is

apple = fruit
cabbage = vegetable



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