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Data Science HK Meetup

Some notes from the data science meetup in Hong Kong.

Xavier’s project: Breakout trading strategy on cyber money

Link to the strategy:

Question: What does “long” and “short” mean? How much do you buy, or how much do you sell?


Tweets API

  • Python API for real time tweets


Our Group

  • Facial data classification using Keras


What I learnt:

  • Keras documentation:
  • and examples:
  • With statement in Python: open and closing file.


  • code9 – a website for collaborative coding


  • Don’t need to understand the model fully to get some results.
    • First, download the example from git and try run on my mac. It worked, but takes long time to run,
    • Then Vivan set up a server with Jupyter notebook. Copy and paste the codes there and they can run.
    • Next step is to change the dataset. Found the dataset on Kaggle, look at the format. Vivian and Wadas wrote the code to manipulate data, I didn’t understand what was going there.
    • Then run the codes again and we got the results.


  • Epoch:


  • Stanford CNN lecture: